St. Bernadette is working toward an expeditionary learning model focused on forming smart people who do good. St. Bernadette offers an education rooted in perseverance, craftsmanship, curiosity, responsibility, risk-taking, collaboration, and the natural world. We work to root students in our values so they go out and do good in service of others and the world. We don’t just teach students to look at the world, we teach them to look beyond the thing itself and contemplate the beautiful truths present in all created things, and most importantly, how God is behind it all.

St. Bernadette is the newest place in Catholic education, and we hope you’ll join us!

Our Teachers

Passionate about encouraging each child to reach his or her potential, as well as helping them grow through faith toward a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ…

EL Education

Empowering teachers to unleash the potential of their students…and focused on forming smart people who do good…

Our Mission

Fostering his or her continuing spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth as preparation for lifelong learning and responsible citizens…

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