What does it mean to be a Catholic EL School?

We believe the mission of a Catholic school is to educate the whole person – to form good people with the skills, character, and faith to live fulfilled, mission-driven lives that glorify God. As a Catholic EL School, we fully deliver on this mission. We engage students in growth-oriented, character-building, purposeful, academic work; work that allows students to produce pride-worthy, high-quality work of consequence; work that is rooted in the pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness in ourselves and in the world around us. Through targeted professional development, innovative school structures, and ardent intentionality to improving our classroom practices, we facilitate real-world encounters and authentic learning experiences for our students that open their hearts and minds to their own potential and give them an opportunity to put their learning and their very lives in service of others and our God. Through our work, we seek not only to produce “smart kids,” but to form good kids – young people with deep faith, sharp intellect, healthy habits, large hearts, and rich knowledge to themselves and their dignity in the eyes of God.  St. Bernadette is excited about partnering with EL education and its sister Catholic Schools, Annunciation Catholic School and St. Rose of Lima Academy, to expand the Catholic EL school opportunity to Lakewood and surrounding areas.

What is EL education?

We are often asked:

  • What does it mean to be an Expeditionary Learning school?
  • What does EL mean at St. Bernadette?
  • How is EL helping St. Bernadette students, faculty members, and parents in their learning?
  • Can a school be EL and Catholic?

You can learn more about EL from the website below.


What does expeditionary learning mean to St. Bernadette?

St. Bernadette is working toward an Expeditionary Learning model focused on forming smart people who do good. St. Bernadette offers an education rooted in perseverance, craftsmanship, curiosity, responsibility, risk-taking, collaboration, and the natural world. In the spirit of the St. Bernadette values, we see the EL education model as a way to root students in values that will not only serve others but serve our environment, our communities, our faith, and our futures.

We don’t just teach students to look at the world, we teach them to look beyond the thing itself and to contemplate the beautiful truths present in all created things, and most importantly, how God is behind it all.

St. Bernadette is the newest opportunity for a Catholic EL Education. St. Bernadette is resetting its educational model, utilizing her deep roots for a strong foundation and the EL model to open doors for students to experience their learning, share their learning and become the future of their learning. We are extremely excited about this new journey, please join us!

Why St. Bernadette

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