Karina Campa

Preschool Director

My name is Karina Campa. I am the Preschool Director and teacher at St.Bernadette Catholic School.

What I aspire to be as an early childhood educator is not only helping children learn fundamental skills but getting them excited to explore new things and learning through interactive activities developing a life long love for learning.  This is my goal with every child I teach. I try to engage students through fun, exciting activities because I believe if they are having fun then they are learning to their greatest potential.  It is my job to help them find their particular path by giving them opportunities to fit their individual abilities. With every opportunity, keeping the interests of the child ahead of everything else in early childhood environment is my main goal.

I believe teaching with consistency and utilizing Early Childhood Guidelines and standards leads the children to great opportunities. Linking learning to the child’s real life experiences is impactful to a child’s comprehension, it allows them to visualize things.

My overall goal is to focus on the individual needs and potential of the student as well as their emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and spiritual development. I guide creativity, encourage innovative thinking, acknowledge perseverance, celebrate success, turn frustration into learning opportunities, awaken social responsibility, model fairness and justice—all while building and valuing relationships.

Ellen Kail

Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Ellen Kail and I have been a full time teacher for 20 years. I am a mother of three and believe my role as mother and teacher is a calling and gift from God. I  have strived to be the type of teacher that I would want my own children to have. My love of teaching is evident when you step into my classroom. I want each child to feel welcomed , encouraged and loved. I believe that every child is capable of succeeding and growing. I have taught in Catholic schools in New Orleans, Connecticut,Denver and Queens, NewYork which is my hometown.
Being an EL teacher enables me to bring best teaching practices into the classroom so that the child becomes an active participant in their own learning. The students are engaged while learning both the necessary foundations of core subjects and most importantly how to live as disciples of Christ.
My goal is for each child to leave my classroom excited about learning and loving Jesus! I am so excited to join the St. Bernadette community as we embark on this new beginning. 

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